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The culture here at ALCIVIA is one of winning and we win by being all in. I think people can feel that culture, they can feel that energy, and that’s what our mission statement’s all about.

I feel like the ALCIVIA employees have our back, you can feel the passion that they have that they want to help us and they’re available at any time, we just really enjoy working with them and creating that great team to make our farm successful.

The employees want their members to be successful they truly believe that if the farmers are successful so will be the company. It’ll just carry through the whole organization. We are here because of the passion that we have for this industry, and our commitment to a bigger cause than what we are is just awe-inspiring

The key thing for us to achieve operational excellence is to make sure that we have the right assets in the right places. Those assets include our people, which are certainly our most important asset, as well as our, facilities, rolling stock, and the technology that support all of it.

ALCIVIA’s approach to Innovation is one that’s focused on staying on the forefront of innovation. We believe innovation is what will carry us long into the future as well as our producers.

It’s really key for us to make sure that we identify different solutions through the ever-changing Ag markets to make sure that we have the proper automation in place at our feed mills and at our grain operation facilities to focus on our AG tech. It’s just really critical that we continue to invest in those technologies to drive success both for our organization and for our membership.

There’s two words that I like in the mission statement which are advancing and solutions, and I think as a farmer and being a board member those two are so important. Advancing is something that every farmer wants to do. Right, we want to be better we want to get better and the solutions that ALCIVIA can bring to us is helping us get there.

Working with the ALCIVIA board members, we collaborate very well, they’re farmers just like we are, but they’re also businesspeople like we are. The first thing we want is what is best for the customer and best for the employees. Those are the two things that drive us and if we all talk like that ALCIVIA is going places.

The grain marketing team has come through big time for me this year, they come out with that ALCIVIA app you can look up your contracts and your commodities and storage to see by the minute by the day by the hour what you have what you need to deliver, when you need to deliver it and then you can also track your pricing. It’s very comforting that they came up with that.

Verity Business Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of ALCIVIA and provides input financing as well as other financing primarily for agricultural producers. You can take advantage of pricing and timing in the market versus having to wait and buy specifically at one time or other during the year.

In energy, we’ve gotten some bulk facilities through that process to finance those facilities for us and kept us on a keep fill situation where we don’t have to worry about maintaining levels of on-road Fuel, off-road fuel, whatever it might be it’s just done automatically, and we can trust that it’s going to be taken care of.

ALCIVIA has brought to our farm the expertise to increase our forage production and quality, we’re feeding the highest level of forage to our cows that we’ve ever fed and we’re producing the most milk. They show up at all times of the day, eight o’clock at night, 10 o’clock at night, they keep their customers running without running out of fuel and that’s been great.

What we pride ourselves on is that we are trusted advisors, we just don’t want to just drop off a bag of feed and walk away. We want to understand everything that’s going on at that person’s location, so we develop a very strong relationship with our customers and a partnership where we want to be known as a trusted advisor and not just a commodity seller.

I believe what sets us apart in our approach to solutions is the fact that our corporate structure allows our employees to work collaboratively together to bring the best solutions forward to our producers and consumers. By doing that it allows them to carry out our vision of customer success powered by engaged employees.

What makes ALCIVIA’s people unique is that they always got a smile on their face they seem like when they come out to your farm, whether they’re dealing with my small herd dairy cows or my acreage and stuff, their main concern is what’s best for me how am I going to be making money what do I got to do. I call that looking out for me for my best interest and that’s what I love the most. You see that passion in the employees of ALCIVIA when they come into your farm each time. We actually just had a driver retire and we’re going to miss them you know you they just become part of your family.

The way that ALCIVIA employees have made our farm successful, I could sum that up with one word it’s trust, I don’t have to spend a lot of time researching things, they do that for me and it’s really about understanding what’s the recommendations that best fit our farm for what we need today.

We are very focused on our financial responsibility and making sure that we have a strong balance sheet so that our producers can have the confidence that we will be there for them when they need us the most. Each year ALCIVIA makes investments in our facilities to improve their safety as well as provide the personal protection equipment that our employees wear every day including hard hats, safety glasses, high visibility clothing, and hard toed shoes. Which helps ensure that our employees get home safe each day. We provide a continuing education certification licensing for our employees that allows them to pursue outside education and be reimbursed for it.

At ALCIVIA we take security of our customers data very seriously and it’s something that we have to react to. Every day risks associated with threat actors and breaches constantly change, so every single day we have to be proactive in the solutions that we put in place to make sure that we monitor the security and protect that data.

ALCIVIA’s primary cause today is to help end hunger across our territory, whether that is helping fill food shelves, or donating to food pantries in our communities, as well as promoting Agriculture and Youth Development. It’s really important that we are looking at making the investments into the future that our customers need that we’re putting on working capital to good use and the ways that they’re going to need three years and five years down the road and how it’s adding value to their operation not just today but into the future.

You always have to remember what the past was and how we got there but you also have to look forward as to what’s coming down the road and how you’re going to achieve the goals that you want to the future for all ALCIVIA is very bright and full of opportunity, with our strong balance sheet, our dedicated employee base, and our committed patron base we have a great future in front of us.

Markets & Futures

ALCIVIA will only contract grain during open market hours (Mon-Fri 8:30 am-1:15 pm, excluding market holidays).

ALCIVIA grain cash bids and futures prices below. 

Alcivia Legacy

ALCIVIA is a leading, member-owned agricultural and energy cooperative located in Wisconsin and serving customers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa. We provide expertise, service, and products in the areas of agronomy, animal nutrition, energy, and grain, and have a full portfolio of options for competitive operating loans and input financing. 

ALCIVIA is focused on advancing our customers through innovative and responsible solutions, and through our engaged employees we’re committed to providing best-in-class services and products to help drive your farm’s or business’ long-term success. Our governing principles are financial responsibility, integrity, and safety, and we are driven by a passion of excellence toward a future without boundaries.

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As a cooperative, we all need each other, sharing both a passion and enthusiasm for helping everyone we serve succeed.

Jim Lange,
Chairman of the Board