Introducing the ALCIVIA Crop Tour! This tour gives ALCIVIA members an idea of territory yields through preliminary estimates. Doing this gives our members a head start on understanding the effects of the products and work they put in throughout the season. Our hope is that this tour will help our members stay All. Together. Proactive. when thinking about the next crop year.

Part one of the ALCIVIA Corn Yield Tour finished yesterday where we focused on the New Richmond, Milltown, and Ellsworth areas along with Genoa City, Union Grove, and Burlington.

The New Richmond, Milltown, and Ellsworth area of our tour showed estimates from 165 bushels per acre on a lower seeding rate field with some hail damage, up to 237 bushels per acre in the Highway 10 area. The yield estimates averaged 207.8 bushels per acre throughout. This area had a good amount of rainfall variability through the growing season. Estimates of future harvest intactness is also variable with the areas with severe early season drought showing more vulnerability than areas with better rainfall. When we add in the shading effect(s) that we had early in the season from the wildfires (reduction of early photosynthetic rate), there are areas of caution as the harvest season is planned out and completed.

The Genoa City, Union Grove, and Burlington tour estimates ranged from 181 to 205 bushels per acre with harvestable ears ranging from 32,000-34,000 ears per acre. This area went through severe drought during the early vegetative stages through the pollination period. We received rains in early August followed by more drought stress from late August into September.

Our team of field sales agronomists provided several keys to success through the growing season, including understanding the optional strategies to pair with the weather conditions. Staying the course with proactive agronomy practices is showing to be very important leading up to harvest. As we indicated, pay close attention to field intactness as we start grain harvest. Don’t leave behind what you’ve already worked hard to produce! ALCIVIA’s grain team is prepared and ready to serve during harvest with grain drying, storage, and marketing programs! Please contact any of our sales or origination professionals for help with agronomy, animal nutrition, energy, grain, or Verity Business Solutions.