Introducing the ALCIVIA Crop Tour! This tour gives ALCIVIA members an idea of territory yields through preliminary estimates. Doing this gives our members a head start on understanding the effects of the products and work they put in throughout the season. Our hope is that this tour will help our members stay All. Together. Proactive. when thinking about the next crop year.

Part one of the ALCIVIA Corn Yield Tour finished yesterday where we focused on the New Richmond, Milltown, and Ellsworth areas along with Genoa City, Union Grove, and Burlington.

The New Richmond, Milltown, and Ellsworth area of our tour showed estimates from 165 bushels per acre on a lower seeding rate field with some hail damage, up to 237 bushels per acre in the Highway 10 area. The yield estimates averaged 207.8 bushels per acre throughout. This area had a good amount of rainfall variability through the growing season. Estimates of future harvest intactness is also variable with the areas with severe early season drought showing more vulnerability than areas with better rainfall. When we add in the shading effect(s) that we had early in the season from the wildfires (reduction of early photosynthetic rate), there are areas of caution as the harvest season is planned out and completed.

The Genoa City, Union Grove, and Burlington tour estimates ranged from 181 to 205 bushels per acre with harvestable ears ranging from 32,000-34,000 ears per acre. This area went through severe drought during the early vegetative stages through the pollination period. We received rains in early August followed by more drought stress from late August into September.

Our team of field sales agronomists provided several keys to success through the growing season, including understanding the optional strategies to pair with the weather conditions. Staying the course with proactive agronomy practices is showing to be very important leading up to harvest. As we indicated, pay close attention to field intactness as we start grain harvest. Don’t leave behind what you’ve already worked hard to produce! ALCIVIA’s grain team is prepared and ready to serve during harvest with grain drying, storage, and marketing programs! Please contact any of our sales or origination professionals for help with agronomy, animal nutrition, energy, grain, or Verity Business Solutions.

Studying at how the ratio of corn price to fertilizer price compares to the 5-year average is a great way to make sound business decisions for your operation, manage your risk, and take advantage of marketing opportunities. Tune in to hear how that is shaping up in the market today.

ALCIVIA is excited to announce that we are enhancing our precision agronomy product line with tools to allow for predictive decision-making. Just like when constructing a building, a solid foundation is the most important. For this reason, we will be starting with the foundation of growing a crop: the soil. ALCIVIA’s suite of precision agronomy tools in our YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy product line will take the approach to soil health and crop productivity from reactive to proactive; building a strong foundation for success.

Each year, we make many important decisions around seed selection, seed treatments, fungicides, nutrient rates, nutrient safeners, biological products, and more. As we look at the decision-making process today, it could be calculated, based on experience, industry best practices, or trial and guesswork. There are a multitude of products that can be used in crop production today. The challenge is making sure the products are positioned appropriately to perform to the best of their ability.

Crop rotations have often been thought to cure many of the weed, disease, and insect cycles that can become worse if the field is used to grow the same crop year after year. While crop rotation is an important part of integrated crop management, it can produce unwanted surprises. Surprises such as these have previously been extremely difficult to predict and plan for.

Starting with the foundation, YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy is utilizing the same trusted local soil lab partners while bringing an additional layer of information. ALCIVIA is partnering with a leading soil genomics laboratory to bring additional layers to the standard soil sample. What this means at the field level is ALCIVIA will have the ability to use the soil DNA to make proactive decisions around seed variety and placement along with fungicide planning.

YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy also steps into the area of biological activity, or lack thereof, in the soil. How is your phosphorus conversion from organic matter to available inorganic P205? YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy helps predict this and plan for a strategy for the future. The same works for other nutrients. Risk of nitrogen loss? No worries; YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy has a predictive index for this and the associated planning. What are your disease and insect levels? Some soil insects and nematodes, along with disease pathogens, can be detected to help put together a proactive approach.

Many areas we manage in a crop production calendar tend to be a reaction to something discovered in the crop while it grows. YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy creates a proactive approach so that manageable problems can be solved through better agronomy. ALCIVIA is looking ahead and is excited to add even more cutting-edge solutions to our YieldEDGE program soon. Please reach out to your ALCIVIA agronomist to discuss how we can help you become ALL. TOGETHER. PROACTIVE. with your operation.


Information Contact:

Ashley Schumacher, Marketing Manager, ALCIVIA

Ashley.Schumacher@ALCIVIA.com; 608.819.3102


For Immediate Release: September 1, 2023


ALCIVIA supports Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Agriculture Programming

Providing continued support to promote rural youth leadership development

Cottage Grove, WI – ALCIVIA and partners donated $15,000 to the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation in support of their agriculture programming. This donation will provide resources needed to expand the reach of 4-H, introduce under-served youth to the organization, and provide expanded and engaging youth development programming that provides leadership opportunities.

“We are truly grateful for the continued support of generous partners like ALCIVIA,” says Brenda Scheider, Executive Director of the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation. “ALCIVIA helps 4-H create cutting-edge, relevant programs for young people to learn real-world skills that will prepare them for the challenges of today and tomorrow, moving communities, the state, our country, and the world forward in ways no other youth organization can. We value our partners who help Wisconsin 4-H make a positive impact on our youth.”

ALCIVIA is committed to promoting agriculture and rural youth leadership development. Part of the ‘ALCIVIA Gives Back’ campaign includes supporting organizations that seek to promote a positive image of the agriculture industry and agriculture education, such as 4-H.

“The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation’s programming and outreach efforts align with the core causes ALCIVIA is proud to support, ” says Jim Dell, CEO and President at ALCIVIA. “We are excited to strengthen future generations of ag leadership.”

ALCIVIA is proud to be a platinum clover sponsor of the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation as part of the cooperative’s philanthropic efforts to promote agriculture education and youth leadership development.

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