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Welcome back to the ALCIVIA Crop Tour! This tour gives ALCIVIA members an idea of territory yields through preliminary estimates. Doing this gives our members a head start on understanding the effects of the products and work they put in throughout the season. Our hope is that this tour will help our members stay All. Together. Proactive. when thinking about the next crop year.

Part two of the ALCIVIA Crop Tour focused on the Durand, Mondovi, and Osseo areas, along with Whitewater, Evansville, Clinton, Albany, and northern Illinois. If you haven’t read part one of the tour yet, click here!

The Durand, Mondovi, and Osseo area yield tour had estimates from 200 to 266 bushels per acre with harvestable ears ranging from 27,000 to 36,000 ears per acre. Pockets of this area received good rainfall throughout the season, while others were in pockets of drought – severe at times – during the vegetative stages. The average of our yield estimates from points in customer fields in this area is 224 bushels per acre. 

The Whitewater, Evansville, Clinton, Albany, and northern Illinois tour estimates ranged from 181 to 245 bushels per acre, with harvestable ears ranging from 28,000 to 34,000 ears per acre. The average from our yield estimates from customer fields is 221 bushels per acre. As we indicated in the previous report from southeastern Wisconsin, this area also went through periods of severe drought during the early vegetative stages, followed by better rains into the early August timeframe. The rains slowed in mid-August into September.

Our agronomy team is always ready with solutions to help as the opportunity to respond to the environment develops. A key strategy that we used during the growing season was positioning and utilizing a key plant performance product, such as VoyAgro® from WinField® United. When plants go under stress from drought, several things happen, including an increase in plant stress hormones like ethylene. Ethylene is a key plant hormone that causes ripening. VoyAgro, as a key biostimulant fertilizer, helps to mitigate stress by assisting the plant to accumulate key amino acids in plant cells. This helps the plant maintain tissue nutrient levels under drought and other abiotic stress conditions. 

ALCIVIA has expertise in many areas of agriculture. We work in a complex environment that demands changes and adaptations as the environment changes. Our team of dedicated professionals bring several years of hands-on experience and education. We are ready for the fall grain harvest with grain opportunity management, grain storage, and drying. Beyond that, our agronomy team is ready for field planning and preparation for the 2024 growing season. Please contact any of our sales or origination professionals for help with agronomy, animal nutrition, energy, grain, or Verity Business Solutions.