ALCIVIA is investing in a John Deere lease program that will replace one-third of our agronomy applicator machines each year with new machines. The team at ALCIVIA is extremely excited for our machines to be consistent, making it easier for our operators to change machines and flex throughout the territory. This new program will enhance ALCIVIA’s existing capabilities and will drive efficiency and greater profitability for our members and customers.

This year, ALCIVIA is adding 24 new machines to the agronomy fleet. Our objective is to be on a three-year rotation so one-third of the machines will be new every year and will be replaced every three years. The machines are backed by John Deere’s robust warranty, and we are looking forward to less downtime, fewer breakdowns, and easier and more cost-efficient troubleshooting. Additionally, the common parts needed to fix the machines will be uniform and on-hand for quicker repairs. With the wide range of machines in ALCIVIA’s current fleet, efficiency and cost of repairs has looked much different in the past.

With the ever-evolving and fast-paced world of technology, ALCIVIA is excited to align with our mission of delivering innovative solutions to our members. The opportunity to cycle machines faster will allow us to offer the most up-to-date technology available. This is equally exciting for current and future ALCIVIA custom application operators, knowing that they will be able to get into newer machines with the highest efficiencies and latest technologies.

The ALCIVIA team is excited for this program to kick off this spring so we can continue to provide innovative and responsible solutions to our members and customers. Keep your eye out for these new machines across the ALCIVIA footprint!

ALCIVIA values the safety of our members, customers, and employees first and foremost. As we enter planting season, we want to take this opportunity to provide a short refresher on planting safety.

The planter has a lot of moving parts and while most of them are small and internal, or hidden behind shielding, there are still dangers that operators should be aware of to ensure a safe spring planting season.

Many of the dangers of a planter are not obvious because they are hidden in potential energy (or stored energy). Potential energy on a planter can be in the form of gravity, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, or other forms. When working with gravity, it is important to remember that the planter could lower down at any moment, posing a risk of harm to you and/or others. Proper installation of safety stops or pins could save a foot, arm, leg, or even a life. Never get under a planter without first making sure that the safety stops are installed.

In a planter, pneumatics are used in several ways, but row unit down force and row cleaners are two of the most common. Draining the air pressure from the system before servicing the machine is important. Hydraulic pressure is also used almost everywhere on the machine. Hydraulics play into several dangerous scenarios. First, if a hydraulic line blows, the planter could have unexpected movement. This sudden and unexpected movement may include the planter lowering, a wing folding/unfolding, a marker lower unexpectedly, and more. There is also the possibility of hydraulic oil injecting into your body. Never check for hydraulic leaks with your hand; always use something other than a body part when feeling around for the leak. With hydraulic pressures on some machines getting above 6000 PSI, the oil has great force when there is a pin hole leak in the system.

Newer planters are using electricity to run meters and other parts of the planter. With the increase in technologies, the voltages powering the new systems are rising to the point that an accidental contact could pose dangerous health risks. Know your planter and know what you are dealing with. If you are unsure about your machine’s electrical system, get the help of a trained professional to help diagnose and repair your machine.

ALCIVIA is taking delivery of 24 new application machines for use this season. Even with a new machine, ALCIVIA applicators are trained to do a walk-around prior to use to make sure all their safety equipment is in order. This includes items like lights, slow moving vehicle signs, mirrors, fire extinguisher, windows, first aid kit, and personal protective equipment. Just because it worked yesterday, doesn’t mean it will work today.

While it is easy to talk about safety, it is challenging to change habits. Safety doesn’t start overnight; it needs to be worked on every day. With the fast-moving pace of today’s world, it is easy to take a chance to keep moving in the field. Efficiency is everyone’s goal, but it is important to slow down and make sure we can accomplish this in a safe manner. ALCIVIA’s value of safety refers to our commitment to the health and well-being of our co-workers, families, customers, environment, and communities. Please incorporate safety into your own every day this season.

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For Immediate Release: April 12, 2024

ALCIVIA Breaks Ground on New Hager City Facility

COTTAGE GROVE, WI – ALCIVIA’s Board of Directors broke ground on the new state-of-the-art rail loading grain terminal in Hager City, WI on April 4. In attendance were key vendors and partners for the project and members of ALCIVIA’s leadership team. 

The new facility will be built on 40 acres and has over 21,000 linear feet of Class I BNSF track. The facility will bring grain terminal assets to producers in west central Wisconsin and southeast Minnesota.

Features of the new grain facility include upright grain storage space for 3.9 million bushels serviced by two 4,700-bushel per hour grain dryers and three 1,500-bushel capacity dump pits that will move grain at a combined handling speed of 60,000 bushels per hour. 

Once built, ALCIVIA will have three shuttle loading facilities on three different Class I railroads (BNSF, UP, CPKC), access to the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers, and logistics to domestic corn ethanol plants and soybean crush plants. This positions ALCIVIA with highly desirable domestic and export market access and arbitrage.

“This project will give us a lot of flexibility for our members, our customers, and our trade territory. We are really looking forward to working with the railroad and the community to build this site into something special,” stated Jim Dell, ALCIVIA CEO and President.

The estimated project completion date is March 2025. Visit ALCIVIA.com/HagerCity for more information and updates or to view a livestream of the site.

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