A day in the life of Zach Reed, ALCIVIA Heating and Cooling Team

I had the opportunity to ride along with Zach Reed, HVAC Indoor Comfort Specialist on the ALCIVIA Heating and Cooling team. On this sunny morning Zach was heading to a house in Randolph, Wisconsin to look over the condition of the HVAC systems and give an estimate for full replacement of both furnace and Air Conditioner, as well as a partial estimate for just the replacement of the furnace.

The HVAC team has the skills to work on any type of heating or cooling system, and this particular system was an old oil furnace that had completely stopped working, in a house that had no AC to date.

The initial walkthrough was to look at the layout of gas piping, the exit point for a new exhaust, direction of new drainage, and review electrical options. Nothing was overlooked as he measured every side of the furnace and distances to get a clear idea of the work requirements and lay the groundwork for a smooth install.

Despite being there to look at the furnace, and having secured no business yet, Zach noticed an issue with the water heater exhaust and took the time to point out to the homeowner why it could be dangerous or cause problems in the future.

After a look at the footprint of the current furnace and ductwork, Zach walked the customer through his options for furnaces of different sizes, technologies, and prices, and did the same for the AC. Based on the age of the house and ductwork, he immediately crossed off the most expensive and complex of the systems from the list of options. 

ALCIVIA Heating and cooling HVAC team member gives an estimate on furnace replacement
ALCIVIA heating and cooling HVAC specialist gives pricing and unit options to customer

Explaining to the customer that those systems were either too large for his home, too advanced to match up well with the little ductwork there was to use, or simply not a good fit for his budget.

Zach walked the customer through the meanings of technical terms like “SEER” (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), and “multi- stage furnace” (A furnace with an additional low mode for efficiency) and spent time explaining the effect of the different furnace efficiencies would have on his home. At every step there was a pause and space for questions to ensure the homeowner understood the evaluation and exactly what his options were.

Lastly, Zach talked the customer through the different pricing options for various units to provide the homeowner with an overview of what he could expect when he received the full estimate. Zach even checked whether the customer qualified for energy credits through the state of Wisconsin and accounted for that in his calculations.

We were only there for half an hour, but in that time, Zach was able to accurately take stock of the situation, provide an analysis of the known issues, and clearly explain to the customer what his options would be going forward. Excellent and efficient work all around by one of ALCIVIA Heating and Cooling’s best.

-Bowar Dahmen

I utilized the Costco HVAC deal. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a new HVAC System. From start to finish (first contact, quote, installation), the team did a great job. Installation was flawless and quicker and cleaner than I anticipated. I would recommend ALCIVIA for any HVAC activity.

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