Energy Solutions

ALCIVIA energy solutions has the most complete lineup of energy products and solutions across greater Wisconsin and northern Illinois. We offer a full range of propane and services for residential, commercial, and agriculture, and provide Cenex premium diesel and lubricants for farms, construction, and transport.

Whether it’s residential or commercial propane, or Cenex® refined fuels or lubricants, ALCIVIA gives you dependable deliveries with 24-hour emergency service and no hidden fees.

For 24-hour EMERGENCY service (gas leak, nearly out or out of gas), please contact us at 1-800-236-3276. For non-emergency energy inquiries, please email

Propane Solutions

Our approach to propane solutions is about providing you with as many options as possible. We develop a custom plan that fits your needs and budget to service home heat customers, commercial operations, and agricultural businesses. The certified energy professionals at ALCIVIA are committed to delivering outstanding products, customer service, and technical support to keep your home, farm, or business up and running.

Ag Energy Solutions, Residential Propane, Commercial Propane

Propane Autogas

Propane in the autogas industry has been gaining momentum as an alternative, economical fuel source. As a leader in propane autogas, we help fleets take advantage of this economical and environmentally friendly fuel.

Fuels and Lubricants

We serve our farmers, businesses, schools and other organizations with bulk fuels. Construction companies look to us for quality diesel fuel and portable heaters to keep their businesses moving.