Benefits of Propane Autogas

The popularity of propane autogas vehicles is increasing throughout the country. Fleets including buses, law enforcement, and delivery vehicles are discovering that propane autogas offers reduced emissions, year-round reliability, and the lowest total cost-of-ownership available. We help fleets take advantage of this clean-burning fuel’s economic and environmental benefits.

With propane autogas, you’ll reduce your impact on the environment, but also see the benefits in your bottom line. Autogas vehicles need fewer oil and filter changes, require less maintenance, aren’t affected by cold weather like a diesel vehicle, and don’t require compliance additives.


Our knowledge and skill in this area, along with the strong relationships we’ve established to set up new and updated refueling stations across Wisconsin, have made us the area’s leader in propane autogas.



fueling station for propane autogas with a school bus in the background that has just been refueled

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