For 24-hour EMERGENCY service (including gas leak, nearly out of gas, or out of gas), please contact us at 800.236.3276

Residential Propane Solutions

Our propane solutions offer the most diverse and customer-friendly contracting across greater Wisconsin, northern Illinois, eastern Minnesota.

Cash on delivery (COD) customers must make payment before order can be delivered.

ALCIVIA delivers propane and propane service for residential, agricultural, and large commercial projects. Our technicians can install propane tank systems, work with vaporizers, make system upgrades, and we offer a full line of portable tanks and heaters for any size job.

Our experienced staff will assess your needs and properly size lines to ensure propane capacity for whatever BTU requirement you have. Our focus in on our customers and our customers’ needs and ensuring that we fully deliver products and solutions that exceed your expectations.


Whether you need residential or commercial propane services, we have flexible contracting options to fit your needs and budget, including Prepay, Monthly Budget Payment Plan EFT, and Pay As You Go contracts. To ensure equipment availability on commercial projects, you can contract with us for multiple years.

Take advantage of low market pricing and the opportunity to lock in propane pricing with multi-year contracts. Our contracts never have any hidden or rental fees.

Tank Monitoring

ALCIVIA offers the ultimate in propane reliability with our propane tank monitoring system, which is free for the first year of service. The associated Android and Apple app lets you request a refill, customize level alerts, track tank levels in real time, and consult your usage history. Such 24×7 monitoring of tank levels provides the peace of mind that you, and ALCIVIA, can actively assess the level of your tank to help prevent a low fuel or run-out event. 

Please call the energy team at 608.819.3140 for more information.

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24-Hour Emergency Service

For 24-hour EMERGENCY service (including gas leak, nearly out of gas, or out of gas), please contact us at 16082519010. For non-emergency energy inquiries, please email energyinfo@ALCIVIA.com

Propane safety

Safety comes first with ALCIVIA, and our team receives ongoing training to ensure that we are the best at what we do.

We routinely conduct leak checks, and we always perform system inspections when initiating service, whether you own the tank and equipment or if it’s a new installation.

Additionally, we ensure existing equipment is brought up to code, and conduct a leak check on any system that is opened or runs out of fuel.

Please watch for our annual awareness mailing to understand what you can do to ensure your propane equipment is safe.

propane tank being installed at a construction site by worked and a crane truck

propane Appliance Form

In order to better serve our propane customers, please let us know if you have recently added any new appliances or made improvements to current appliances that are connected to or running off of propane. 


Customers using propane as a secondary heat source or do not take delivery of the water capacity of the tank on an annual basis (June 1st through May 31st of the following calendar year), will be invoiced a tank convenience fee of $125. This fee only applies
to ALCIVIA owned tanks.

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