Residential Propane Solutions

Our residential propane solutions offer the most diverse and customer-friendly contracting across greater Wisconsin and northern Illinois.


With multiple contract options, we customize a program to fit your needs by offering Even Pay, Prepay, Booking, and Budget contracts.

Lock in Price

You can also take advantage of low market pricing and the opportunity to lock in propane pricing with multi-year contracts. Plus, our contracts never have any hidden or rental fees.    

Tank Supply Monitoring

ALCIVIA offers the ultimate in propane reliability with our propane tank monitoring system, which is free for the first year of service. Our 24/7 monitoring of tank levels and usage history gives you the peace of mind of knowing you’ll never run out of propane even during the cold winter months.

Residential Propane Service Solutions, Propane Programs, Lock in Price, Tank Supply Monitoring
Residential Propane Service Solutions, Propane Programs, Lock in Price, Tank Supply Monitoring

24-Hour Emergency Service

For 24-hour EMERGENCY service (including gas leak, nearly out of gas, or out of gas), please contact us at 1-800-236-3276. For non-emergency energy inquiries, please email

Propane safety

Safety comes first with ALCIVIA, and our people receive ongoing training to ensure that we are the best at what we do.

We routinely conduct leak checks and we always do a system inspection when initiating service, whether you own the tank and equipment or if it’s a new installation.

Additionally, we make sure existing equipment is brought up to code, and we will conduct a leak check on the system any time a system is opened or runs out of fuel.

Watch for our annual awareness mailing to understand what you can do to ensure your propane equipment is safe.

Order Propane Online

Order propane on your own time – online! Click the link below to fill out our propane order form. 


As a thank you for your propane business, ALCIVIA would like to reward you. For referring friends, family, or neighbors to ALCIVIA propane, you will receive $50 for EVERY referral.