ALCIVIA Grain Provides Diverse Market Access to Members

By Dylan Beaver, Grain Merchandiser

It has been more than a year since ALCIVIA expanded our footprint. That growth has brought your cooperative opportunities including freight management and market development. ALCIVIA has been able to develop truck lanes with our logistics company that were not available prior to the merger. Keeping a truck loaded for all miles of the trip is key to being financially responsible for our producers and business, especially in the current energy market. The changes in the energy market over the last six months in the United States has helped define new markets and lanes. In the earlier parts of 2021, there was a shift in freight lanes for ocean vessels in addition to weather conditions in parts of the United States changing the market dynamic for Wisconsin’s crop. This allowed for ALCIVIA to use several assets to take on large volumes of the Wisconsin crop that would traditionally flow to the river system which then moved to the Pacific Northwest (PNW). It was one of the first times ALCIVIA was able to ship grain to that market.

ALCIVIA has 17 grain elevators that provide 35 million bushels of storage capacity plus a growing direct ship program. We look to service all our customers by bringing them multiple markets. ALCIVIA grain has many partners and diverse markets the merchandising team is working with to ensure we are providing the best opportunity for our farmers to get their grains to the right market. ALCIVIA elevators provide a home for many producers’ products where it is stored responsibly to ensure when it is sold to the end-user that it meets quality expectations. With the area that the ALCIVIA elevators span, we must make sure we maintain consistent quality of grain to meet all market expectations whether it is for export, feed, or human consumption. We want to make sure we provide the best quality product so we can return profits to our cooperative members.

The ALCIVIA grain business unit will continue to provide innovative and responsible solutions for all members to ensure the success of our producers and the cooperative as a whole. Finding ways to help our members maximize profits through grain marketing opportunities is our number one goal. Markets have many variables and are always moving faster than one can react. We provide resources for all members to take advantage of to help lock in profit and manage risk. When engaged in the current commodity market it is critical to be confident and comfortable in your decision making.

Reach out to your local Grain Marketing Specialist to discuss your grain marketing opportunities.

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