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Ashley Schumacher, Marketing Manager, ALCIVIA

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For Immediate Release: April 4, 2022

ALCIVIA lead investor in BIG Consulting, LLC

Driving continued commitment to advance solutions for customers


Cottage Grove, WI – ALCIVIA announced today that they have become the lead investor in BIG Consulting, LLC. This investment is critical to ALCIVIA’s continued commitment to solutions that drive value for our members, customers, and the cooperative and strongly aligns with our mission of “Advancing our customers through innovative and responsible solutions.”

BIG Consulting will continue to operate as a stand-alone company with their CEO, Kent Schultz, reporting to a board of directors comprised of representatives appointed by its investors. ALCIVIA is the lead investor and will have two seats on the board of directors of BIG Consulting, with two potential future investors holding one seat each. Schultz will continue to lead the business as CEO with a focus on growing new business and maintaining existing client relationships while developing complementary products and services to add to their existing portfolio.

“Becoming the lead investor in BIG Consulting, LLC was an easy decision, as it ensures the continued development of innovative business intelligence solutions that drive critical, business-impacting decisions,” said Jim Dell, ALCIVIA CEO and President. “We are excited to have been presented the opportunity to become the lead investor in BIG Consulting, and we look forward to the continued success and growth of the organization.”

Kent Schultz commented, “I am excited to begin this next chapter in the growth of BIG Consulting.  We are blessed to have a strong customer base committed to implementing business intelligence into their core management decision processes.  They are all leaders in applying data effectively to make business judgements through the tools we have developed for them.  With the resources provided by our investors, we look forward to adding technical talent to our amazing team of dedicated analysts who will be developing the next generation of data analytics in support of our current and future customers’ needs.”

ALCIVIA is a leading, member-owned agricultural and energy cooperative driven by our passion for excellence and a future without boundaries. Located in Wisconsin and serving farm, business and retail customers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa, our engaged employees provide innovative, responsible solutions to help drive the immediate and long-term success of our customers, including competitive operating loans and input financing, as well as best-in-class products and services for the agronomy, animal nutrition, energy, and grain needs of our customers.

BIG Consulting, LLC is a Wisconsin-based limited liability corporation committed to “Transforming Data into Decisions” through unique, proprietary business intelligence reports and dashboards.  Its team of Business Intelligence Gurus are located in Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, and Wisconsin.