COTTAGE GROVE, WI – ALCIVIA is excited to announce the purchase of Bauer LP Gas and Appliance based in Durand, WI. The Bauer family has been in the propane business since 1953. In more recent years, they’ve expanded into LP delivery, HVAC installation and service, and appliance sales and service. Brothers Dan and Charlie Bauer have been involved in making the business successful. Bauer’s service area covers approximately 40 miles around Durand, including Buffalo, Dunn, Pierce and Pepin counties.

ALCIVIA is looking forward to the opportunity to continue to provide a full range of energy products and great service, including combining our HVAC efforts and supporting the appliance sales and service that Bauer customers are accustomed to. 

“ALCIVIA is a well-known, local company and I am confident that they will provide the excellent services that our customers have come to expect,” said Dan Bauer, on behalf of the Bauer family. “After more than 50 years in this business, I am looking forward to retirement. My family would like to thank our valued customers for their loyalty and patronage all these years, and hope that you continue your service with ALCIVIA for years to come.”

Both Bauer and ALCIVIA have similar approaches to the energy and sales businesses. Both companies care about the customers, the services they receive, and the quality of products that are delivered. ALCIVIA is grateful that the Bauer family chose ALCIVIA as their partner for their business transition.

“On behalf of ALCIVIA, I’d like to congratulate the Bauer family on their success running the family business. The energy team at ALCIVIA is eager to serve Bauer customers and welcome them to ALCIVIA,” commented Lee Parker, ALCIVIA Vice President of Energy and Retail.  “The certified energy professionals at ALCIVIA are committed to delivering outstanding products, customer service, and technical support to your home, farm, or business.”

“Our purchase of Bauer LP Gas and Appliance allows us to continue our strategic growth and investment in the communities we serve,” said Jim Dell, ALCIVIA CEO and President.  “We are excited to serve our new customers and welcome the team at Bauer to ALCIVIA.”

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