Sharp, clean, consistent. Illustration should be focused around the ALCIVIA mark in instances when illustration is needed. If there is a need for other forms of illustration, be sure that it is sharp, clean, follows the ALCIVIA brand standards, and that it can be scaled down without losing quality. Avoid illustration that distracts from subject matter or that is unrealistic.




Graphic stripes
hiring graphic stripes

The “stripes” that make up the logo can be used as a design element to add visual interest or a background design. For a more subtle use, place the stripes over top of a brand color and fade back to 20%.

box graphic
now hiring box graphic

A 2 pt. stroke line or rectangle shape may be used to add visual interest to a design or to emphasis text. Rectangle shapes should have sharp corners, not rounded.

graphic mark background
hiring graphic mark background

Use the logo mark as a seamless pattern to add interest to the background of a design. Set at 20% opacity for a clean, subtle look.