All. Together. simple.

Plain and simple. No effects. The logo is the single most recognizable asset of the ALCIVIA brand. It has been designed to be distinctive and instantly recognizable, both in 4-color and in 1-color. To maintain a high level of awareness, we must ensure that our logo is consistently applied. It should be used without special effects or alteration. And depending on the background, only certain variations should be used.


Partial White
Alcivia logo
4-Color + White Text


Partial White
4-Color + White Text
All. Together. Consistent.

The logo can be used in a variety of ways. When positioning the logo consider the purpose, messaging and dimensions of the design. The placement of the logo should make sense within the context of other elements. Regardless of the logo used, always follow the rules below.

  1. No matter the logo variation used, there is a specific “clear” area or margin around the logo. This area or margin should be roughly the size of the “A” from the logotype.

  2. To ensure clarity of the logo, do not use it smaller than 0.5” wide.

  3. Never use a drop shadow or any visual enhancement.

  4. Never surround the logo with a box.

  5. Never use the 4-color logo over the top of busy imagery or graphics. Always ensure ample contrast.

  6. Never warp or stretch the logo.

  7. Never alter the color of the logo. Only use the approved logo iterations.

  8. Never adjust or scale elements of the logo.

Logo spacing rules.
Do not use 4-color logo over top of busy imagery/graphics.
Do not use 4-color logo over top of green shades.
Do not warp logo.
Do not add visual enhancements to logo.
Do not alter the color of logo.
Do not adjust/scale elements of logo.