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Dairy & Livestock Nutritional Consulting

Our team of dairy and beef nutritionists, along with our animal nutrition sales specialists work with our producers to design unique nutritional plans that meet the needs of your operation. With more than a dozen professionals across greater Wisconsin, we’re ready to visit your farm, develop a plan, and give expert advice on how to reach your goals. 

Our nutrition team wants to bring out the best in your animals, whether that means higher production or blue ribbons.  Your ALCIVIA team is here to improve your income-over-feed-cost, milk production, cost per pound of gain, herd health, and overall animal nutrition.

Dairy Cows eating feed prepared by Livestock Nutritional Consultant in a barn

Animal Nutrition Products

We offer a variety of animal nutrition products for dairy, beef, swine, young stock, poultry, and companion animals.

Our Dairy Xcellence line offers increased immunity and superior nutrition. Designed by a professional dairy tech team dedicated to building your profitability and improving your herd, it has coverage for all stages of a dairy cow’s life. Dairy Xcellence enhances animal health, bolsters the immune system, and promotes rumen development.

Our Beef Xcellence line’s industry-leading product support provides precise nutrition, maximizes reproductive performance, enhances rate of gain, and minimizes cost. Customizable solutions give you the flexibility to use research-proven supplements only when needed. 

In addition, our local and national show feed lines give you options for all levels of competition. Our product offerings of ALCIVIA and Purina are sure to give you a competitive edge at your local, state, and national shows.

All feeds from our Xcellence line are available at ALCIVIA Animal Nutrition locations, including the Amery Country Store. 

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