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Our on-staff nutritionists work with your feedstuffs, facilities, and production goals to custom blend rations specific to you and your animals’ needs.

To ensure the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions, ALCIVIA utilizes several production facilities inside our trade area. We work with a wide variety of ingredients and vendors to consistently deliver the highest quality bagged and bulk feed products and offer pick up at a location near you. 

In addition to the feed we manufacture, we provide a full line of supplements, minerals, complete feeds, and forage solutions products including plastics, inoculants and acids, offering you one-stop shopping for the materials you need to keep your animals and forages at their best.

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Our Dairy Xcellence program encompasses our own Dairy Xcellence products as well as Purina products, offering the most cost-effective option to dairy feed. The Dairy Xcellence line of specialty feed products is designed to encompass all stages of a dairy cow’s life, from a calf’s developing rumen to lactation.

  • Increased Immunity
  • Superior Nutrition
  • Profitability

Calf Xcellence®, our own calf starter formula, is part of our animal nutrition’s Dairy Xcellence line of specialty feed products designed to enhance animal health, bolster the immune system, and foster rumen development.

Plant protein sources are selected based on sufficient essential amino acids to meet the needs for maintenance and growth of young calves. And Calf Xcellence® is proven to control coccidiosis caused by Eimeria bovis and Eimeria zuenii.

To learn more about Calf Xcellence, view our information sheets or reach out to your local ALCIVIA animal nutritionist.


Our Beef Xcellence program encompasses our own Beef Xcellence products as well as Purina products, offering the most cost-effective options to feed cattle. With use of on-farm ingredients in mind, we’ll provide carefully formulated rations to optimize cattle performance.

Beef X Cow Minerals

  • Precise nutrition maximizes reproductive performance and minimizes cost
  • Multiple additive options provide the flexibility to use research-proven supplements that fit your operational goals

Beef X Feedlot Solutions

  • Precise nutrition maximizes performance and minimizes cost
  • Customizable solutions give you flexibility
  • Industry-leading product support includes help with ration formulation, batch sheets, and intake charts

Show Feed

We stock and manufacture a complete line of show feeds and show supplements from ALCIVIA, Purina, and Sunglo Feeds. Whether you are starting a project for your county fair or raising stock for national shows, our nutrition consultants can meet your goals.

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Swine Feed

We’ve teamed up with our industry partners to provide you with the most up-to-date, research-based diet strategies and formulations. Products are developed with precise nutrition strategies for maximizing performance and minimizing cost. Each product is highly fortified for today’s high-performing pigs and targeted for consistent intake and growth conditions.


ALCIVIA offers a complete line of premium Purina, Tribute and Nutrena equine feed products and supplements that keep your horses looking and feeling healthy. Our equine product line allows us to meet the various nutritional needs of horses based on activity levels and life stages while working closely with the equine specialists at Purina. We offer both bagged and bulk products as well as delivery to the farm.

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More Animals

Goat and Sheep Feed – Our livestock production specialists understand the dietary needs of goats and sheep, and can create rations that work best for your operation. Call and talk to our specialist to learn more.

Poultry – ALCIVIA offers a complete line of Purina poultry layer and meat bird feeds in crumble, pellet, and meal form for backyard flocks and commercial flocks. We also produce our own ALCIVIA poultry feeds and can custom-make larger orders in crumbles, pellet, or meal form to suit your preferences. 

Forage Solutions - Inoculants & Plastics

ALCIVIA’s selection of inoculants and plastics are specialized and can be custom created for your silage and storage needs. We offer only top-quality brands. Products include:

  • Bunker Covers and Silage bag brands : Hyplast, Raven, Silo Stop, and Bag All
  • Bale Wrap: Sigma, Sunfilm, and Cordex
  • Silage inoculant brands: ALCIVIA’s private label forage inoculant as well as Chris Hansen products
  • Acid: ALCIVIA’s Hay Green and Preserver 70 (TMR)