ALCIVIA brings together engaged employees from two legacy cooperatives with a single mission, shared vision and common values.

Embodying the cooperative spirit,
we exist to succeed together.

ALCIVIA brings together engaged employees from two legacy cooperatives with a single mission, shared vision and common values.

The name ALCIVIA comes from the Latin word for community, which can also be seen in familiar words like civic and civility. It speaks to the reality that all of us belong to a member-owned cooperative community with a shared goal: Drive success through innovation, vision and leadership.

A passionate drive to help our customers succeed—that’s what energizes us as a cooperative. We all need each other and are equally passionate, enthusiastic and intent on making the future even brighter than the present. The success and safety of our customers is priority one and we are determined to make it happen every day.

As a member-owned cooperative powered by engaged employees, ALCIVIA is a community of passionate, like-minded individuals who are driven to advance your success through innovative and responsible solutions. The ALCIVIA difference is that we are always on your side.

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Q: What does ALCIVIA mean? 

A: ALCIVIA is a unique, ownable way of saying we’re “all together.” It serves as a constant reminder that we belong to a member-owned cooperative with a shared goal: Drive success through innovation, vision, and leadership. The word comes from the Latin word for community seen in common words like civic and civility.  

Q: What’s the meaning behind the logo? 

A: The upward facing arrow shape reaffirms our culture: forward-thinking positive, and always striving for the success of our customers. The lines themselves show all of us coming together as one while hinting at roads or crop fields- and using shades of green reinforces our commitment to agriculture. 

Q: What’s changing and what’s staying the same? 

A: Our name has changed but our commitment to our customers, members, and employees remains as strong as ever. The new name more clearly sets us apart as we drive future success through innovation, vision, and leadership. 

Q: What is your mission? 

A: ALCIVIA’s mission is advancing our customers through innovative and responsible solutions. 

Q: What is your vision? 

A: ALCIVIA’s vision is customer success powered by engaged employees. 

Q: What are the values that ALCIVIA stands for? 

A: As a cooperative, we are aligned with five core values: Accountability, financial responsibility, integrity, passion, and safety.

Q: Why did we go through the effort and investment to change our name? 

A: Since the merger of Landmark and Countryside brings together the best of both cooperatives, it deserved a new name. We feel strongly that our name should reflect our common purpose and serve as a constant reminder that, embodying the cooperative spirit, all members and employees are in this together. As ALCIVIA, we can continue our commitment to our customers and to each other. Together, we are in this for the long run. 

Q: Is the ALCIVIA still a cooperative? 

A: 100 percent. Our name and logo have changed, but we still adhere to the cooperative model as you’ve always known it. 

Q: Will the cooperative remain committed to agriculture if the name doesn’t speak to it directly? 

A: Absolutely. In fact, our name underscores this commitment because agriculture is such an important part of the communities and customers we serve. The member-owners of ALCIVIA are fully committed to agriculture, the rural way of life, and the success of our customers. 

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