ALCIVIA is an authorized Third Party Tester for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, providing CDL tests for Wisconsin residents with a valid Wisconsin CLP (Commercial Learner Permit).

ALCIVIA currently has five CDL examiners with more than 30 years of combined CDL testing experience.

ALCIVIA is authorized to administer the following CDL tests:

  • Class A, B, and C
  • Endorsements:  S, P, N, and H


  • All vehicles must be empty during testing. No placarded vehicles can be used for testing.
  • If testing in a tanker, applicant must have an N endorsement on their CLP and tanker must be empty.
  • Testing for a Class C with H endorsement can be done in any type of vehicle, however, the vehicle cannot be placarded and cannot contain any hazardous material.

ALCIVIA administers tests Monday through Friday. WI DOT requires that all test are administered during daylight hours.

close up photo of a mans hands on the steering wheel of a big rig truck with sun in the background

NOTE: ALCIVIA does NOT provide a vehicle.  You must have your own CMV for ALCIVIA to administer any test, unless already employed with ALCIVIA. Alcivia will hire and train applicants to get their CDL. CLICK HERE to view our current openings.


  • Full Skills Test (vehicle inspection, basic control skills and road test):  $150.00
  • Vehicle Inspection Only:  $50.00
  • Basic Control Skills Test Only (backing):  $50.00
  • Road Test Only:  $50.00
  • Abbreviated School Bus Renewal Test (pre-trip and abbreviated road test):  $50.00
  • Lift Airbrake (L) Restriction Test:  $50.00
    Removing  a “L” restriction from your current CDL requires only a vehicle inspection test with an air brake CMV.
    Note: Applicants with a current Class A CDL may lift a “L” restriction with a Class A or B CMV.
  • Lift Manual Transmission (E) Restriction Test:  $50.00
    Removing an “E” Restriction from your current CDL requires only a Road Test in a manual transmission CMV.
    Note: Applicants with a current Class A CDL may lift an “E” Restriction with a Class A or B CMV.
  • Lift (5th Wheel) Tractor Trailer Restriction Test:  $150.00
    Removing an “O” Restriction from your current CDL requires a Full Skills Test with a tractor trailer.
    (vehicle inspection, basic control skills test and road test)
  • Failure to notify examiner of test cancellation before scheduled test time (no show), will result in a $15.00 no-show fee for each test segment. (Total no-show fee not to exceed $45.00). All other services and/or equipment rental fees agreed upon by applicant are non-refundable.
  • ALCIVIA may charge Federal IRS mileage incurred by the examiner to and from test routes located outside Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. If applicable, payment is non-refundable and payable before examiner leaves Cottage Grove, Wisconsin.

NOTE:  As with any test, applicant MUST have a current CLP to remove any restriction with the proper class and endorsements for the vehicle used for the test.

  • Failing a test does not release applicant from their payment obligation.
  • Full payment is due on the day of the test. Cash, check or credit card are accepted. (If paying by credit card, you agree to an additional 2.5% fee.)
  • If you have an account with ALCIVIA, please have your customer ID ready so that you may charge the cost of the test to your account.
  • If you do not have an account with ALCIVIA and would like to open and account, please visit:  www.ALCIVIA.com/new-customer/


close up photo of a black semi truck on the road way hauling a load

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation requires all Third Party Testers to administer CDL tests on approved routes. Currently ALCIVIA has the following approved test routes:

To request an ALCIVIA test route in your area, please contact ALCIVIA’s CDL Examiner team at  CDL.Examiner@ALCIVIA.com

Test routes are designed and developed by ALCIVIA but must be approved by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.   This process generally takes 4 to 8 weeks once it is submitted to the DOT for approval.  Due to testing requirements, not all requests can be put forward for review and/or not all routes submitted are approved.

schedule A TEST

After you have obtained your CLP and a Fed-Med-Card you may contact ALCIVIA to make an appointment for your CDL test by calling 608.819.3145 or email:  CDL.Examiner@ALCIVIA.com.

*The Wisconsin DOT requires a 14-day minimum waiting period after you receive your CLP before a test can be administered. There is also a 2-day waiting period after a test is scheduled before it can be administered (no same day or next day appointment).  In addition, effective February 7, 2022, you MUST also have completed the required ELDT (Entry Level Driver Training). 

Items you must provide to ALCIVIA to schedule test:

  • Copy of Regular Driver License (front and back)
  • Copy of Commercial Learner Permit (front and back)
  • Copy of Fed Med card (some exceptions apply)
  • Class of vehicle to be used during test: A, B or C (If class A, indicate 5th wheel or pintle hook)
  • Endorsements that will be tested (S, P, N or H)
  • Type of brakes on CMV used during test: Air brakes or Hydraulic brakes
  • Type of transmission on CMV used during test: Automatic transmission or manual transmission
  • Type of test you are requesting: Initial CDL test, previous failure, or type of Lifting Restriction test
  • Preferred dates and times for test to be administered
  • Location of test (must be on an approved ALCIVIA testing route as identified above).

Email the above information to CDL.Examiner@ALCIVIA.com.

NOTE:  You are not scheduled for a test until you receive confirmation from an examiner confirming your test date/time and location.


CDL Examiner is REQUIRED to verify all of the following on the day of the test. If Examiner is unable to verify all items below, the test will be CANCELLED

  1. CDL applicant MUST be accompanied by a person with a valid CDL with the proper class and endorsements(s) for the vehicle used for the test AND that person MUST show their CDL to the Examiner. (Abbreviated SB tests may drive on their own to test location).
  2. CDL applicant MUST have and show to Examiner a valid regular driver license (Class D).
  3. CDL applicant MUST have and show to Examiner a valid permit (with the proper class and endorsement for the vehicle they plan to test in).
  4. CDL applicant MUST have and show to examiner a valid Fed Med Card.
  5. Vehicle (truck/trailer/bus) MUST have a valid license plate visible to Examiner.
  6. GVWR rating MUST be visible to Examiner to see on the truck/bus/trailer.
    • BUS: this is generally a stick or metal plate located inside the bus and above passenger door.
    • TRUCK: This is generally a sticker or metal plate located above in the driver-side door frame.
    • Semi-Trailer: This is general located near the crank dolly handle or on the header board of the trailer.
    • Pintle-Hook Trailer: This is generally located on the tongue of the trailer.
  7. CDL applicant MUST be wearing closed-toe footwear.
  8. CDL applicant MUST wear a hard hat and high visibility vest/shirt while on ALCIVIA property. (If you do not bring your own, both may be provided at no charge for use during testing.)
  9. The vehicle being used for the test MUST be EMPTY (no cargo/passengers/etc).
big rig truck with propane tank on winding autumn road

NOTE: Applicant must have originals of all the above documentation with them on the test day. Copies you may have previously provided to ALCIVIA by email and/or text cannot be accepted per DOT regulations.

For more information, please contact:
Mark Handel
Chief Examiner

CDL Resources