It seems like the “help wanted” sign is out everywhere these days – but that doesn’t always include opportunities in the rural communities. Monica Brantner is the Human Resource Manager at ALCIVIA, and she’s got plenty of unique job opportunities available across the state. Brantner reminds job seekers that aside from great benefits, there’s also an element of commitment to community involvement that can’t be overlooked. Whether it’s delivering fuel, handling invoices, or being the friendly face at one of their convenience store locations – take a look at all the opportunities available with ALCIVIA.

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Time again for our ALCIVIA co-op talk, an opportunity for you to learn more about this agribusiness that’s serving the state of Wisconsin and I’ll tell you what everybody’s been hearing it I know that you have for sure. There are all kinds of opportunities in agriculture today and that’s where we want to train our eye today visiting about the different opportunities within ALCIVIA.

No better person to try to give us the depth and scope of opportunities than Monica Brantner, she is the human resources manager for ALCIVIA co-op and our guest today for co-op talk. You know that’s the thing, Monica is trying to get people to pay attention to these great job opportunities that’s got to be one of your greatest challenges these days.

Yes, yes, it is, thank you for having me today, we have many great positions open right now, talking to a lot of great candidates and finding the right fit for them. There’s many opportunities anywhere from retail management to operations. We always have an opening for anyone with a cdl.

Right, yeah that’s one of the value areas for sure that’s so important to any Agri-business. Talk to us a little bit more about the benefits of working with a company the size and scope of ALCIVIA. We have to remember ALCIVIA literally has a statewide footprint so regardless of where you’re hearing our voice there’s opportunities. What are some of the benefits that really seem to perk up and catch people’s attention?

Yeah, we have a lot of great benefits that we offer to employees one of them that stands out that I’d like to just touch on is the volunteer time that we offer to our full-time employees. We offer 16 hours of volunteer time per year for them to take that time to you know reach out uh to something that is not for profit. We participate with Second Harvest we also participate with drive to feed kids and we love to give our employees the opportunity to take the time away from work and participate with those things so that’s just one of the great benefits that we offer.

You know the other thing I like about what ALCIVIA is thinking about is you focus on your employees not just today but down the road tuition training opportunities, certifications you’ve got their back when it comes to thinking forward on their career.

Yes, yes we do. We do like to help develop our employees and find the right fit for them, help them you know give them that opportunity by offering tuition reimbursement so yes many employees do take advantage of that.

You know the other thing that I’m curious to remind people about although ALCIVIA co-op is a big server to the agri-business community there’s a lot of consumer related jobs within ALCIVIA and if you’re one of those looking more for a nine to five as opposed to being out in the elements you have really like you said a job board that will address all that.

Yes, we do, we have many positions that you know someone could find the right fit for right in our corporate headquarters in cottage grove there’s also other unique positions. Right now we have a convenience store manager and training position that’s open that’s a great opportunity for someone that’s looking to get into retail. To come in and work alongside a store manager and gain that experience that they need to eventually put them in in a store on their own. So, it’s a great opportunity.

Boy that is that is now you know like I started our conversation off on Monica, everybody is short on employees uh what has it been like to try to go through all the interviews and try to get people involved in the process uh what’s it what’s it like I got to believe your stress factor as the human resources manager has been uh staying pretty persistent.

Yeah, I mean we’ve definitely been very busy trying to work with our managers and find candidates that are the right fit we do have some good quality candidates that are applying so it’s always great I encourage everyone to check out our website, www.ALCIVIA.com. Check out our careers page and you know if anybody’s got any questions reach out well and like you said these are good paying jobs in the rural community that’s not always necessarily a given.

You don’t have to go to the city center to be a part of ALCIVIA and have a good career right?

Correct, correct yes. Throughout our footprint there are many opportunities you know anywhere from feed manufacturing operators fuel delivery associates you know all the way down to our C stores. There’s part-time positions available if someone’s looking for part-time even in you know all the small communities that we that we are a part of never overlook the opportunities for you your family your career within ALCIVIA.

Monica Brantner along with us she is the gal that will be working with you to find those opportunities. She’s a human resources manager for ALCIVIA cooperative remember as she said ALCIVIA.com/careers can get you started.

And that my friends is our ALCIVIA co-op talk featuring Monica Brantner human resources manager. Check out their website again today for all the opportunities near you ALCIVIA.com.