Her Farm Network began in 2019 with 3 in-person events at local wineries in across the territory. We had the same plan for 2020, but as you know, plans for anything in 2020 quickly went out the door. We held all 3 of the 2020 sessions virtually and it worked, but we definitely missed the in-person components. We were flexible in 2021 and 2022 with a combination of in-person/virtual options to accommodate comfort levels and distance learning.

The mission of Her Farm Network is to bring together women in agriculture – whether they be heavily involved in their own daily operations, work for the local coop or farm implement dealer, work for a producer, or just have a general interest in the ag space and want to continue to learn and grow. We want to inspire knowledge sharing, growth and leadership opportunities, and women engaging with other women. 

Interested in attending some of our future events? Fill out our 2023 questionnaire to help us with our planning process! 

If you have any questions please contact marketing@ALCIVIA.com.