Business card contact info for grain marketing specialist Melisa Schmidt

What an awesome week for harvest! Markets continue to be a bit stronger. Make sure to check on your contract status through the customer portal. Are your contracts full and you need to be selling or putting offers in?

With corn harvest under way, the market continues to push stronger. Harvest is moving quickly with 52% nationwide done. The 5-year average at this time is about 41% harvested. Are you watching next fall corn prices? We have plenty of options at ALCIVIA to help you be profitable.

Soybean harvest nationwide is 60% done and with great weather this week will keep the US above the 5-year average. The leader in bean harvest is MN this last week with 91% completed. It is interesting that beans inch higher with talk of Chinese demand growing and exports improving from past weeks. Beans are getting support from vegetable oils globally. An interesting note is the November 2022 board is almost the same as November 2021. Make sure to be thinking of forward sales.

Wheat continues to be strong as planting and emergence is on pace for the 5-year average. With wheat over $6.50 per bushel on next July cash, are you putting some sales on? 

ALCIVIA has plenty of options to help you be profitable. Don’t forgot to keep selling even when you are harvesting and busy with fieldwork. Please have a safe harvest!