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Waiting on the grain cart or truck driver? Sounds like an opportunity to think about 2022 grain! Harvest is in full swing, and many want to put the blinders on and fill contracts, bins, and do tillage before the rain, snow, and frost. Those are the operational decisions that help lead to the business’s success, but what type of business decisions are being missed by choosing that over looking at markets?

The hot topic is fertilizer. There is no question that the fertilizer market continues to bring a firm presence, but does the grain market bring the same feeling? The December 2022 Chicago futures board traded at $5.40 at its highest point today. ALCIVIA offers a variety of tools in its marketing toolbox to secure a value that fits your operation.

There is a lot of grain still in the field yet, but have you asked yourself the following questions?

Am I continuing to successfully market my 2021 crop? Placing it in storage? Do I have targets in mind for what I need or want out of my crop? If I do, have I placed an offer or made that sale?

Keep rollin’! Happy Harvest.