Business card contact info for grain sales leader Beth Helding

Harvest pace is starting to pick up with 18% of the crop being reported harvested this week compared to 10% last week, 14% last year this week, and 15% on a 5-year average. We’re sure the memory of last year’s post-harvest rally is fresh in producers’ minds and we can’t blame you. No one can predict what will happen in the markets in the coming months and we are reminded that marketing years like this past year historically happen 2 in 10 years.

Questions to consider about marketing grain during harvest this year: At what point in harvest will we see the pressure released from the supply side of the equation and reflect in a softening cash market? Will the better-than-expected yields in certain areas of the country be enough to cover the drought areas? How will the USDA analyze and report this year’s production? If $5 corn and $12 is not high enough for you to sell, what level is and what is your risk tolerance to wait for this level? Are you making money selling grain at current?

We are encouraging producers to think about these questions and reward the strong cash market with sales. Wishing you all a safe and bountiful harvest! Please contact your local grain sales specialist to review sales and harvest progress and to look over your marketing options.

Make sure to have lunch on us this harvest at your local ALCIVIA elevator! Here is our harvest lunch schedule. Pick up a boxed lunch for you and your crew! We look forward to seeing you!

schedule for harvest meals where alcivia brings food for growers