ALCIVIA is excited to announce that we are enhancing our precision agronomy product line with tools to allow for predictive decision-making. Just like when constructing a building, a solid foundation is the most important. For this reason, we will be starting with the foundation of growing a crop: the soil. ALCIVIA’s suite of precision agronomy tools in our YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy product line will take the approach to soil health and crop productivity from reactive to proactive; building a strong foundation for success.

Each year, we make many important decisions around seed selection, seed treatments, fungicides, nutrient rates, nutrient safeners, biological products, and more. As we look at the decision-making process today, it could be calculated, based on experience, industry best practices, or trial and guesswork. There are a multitude of products that can be used in crop production today. The challenge is making sure the products are positioned appropriately to perform to the best of their ability.

Crop rotations have often been thought to cure many of the weed, disease, and insect cycles that can become worse if the field is used to grow the same crop year after year. While crop rotation is an important part of integrated crop management, it can produce unwanted surprises. Surprises such as these have previously been extremely difficult to predict and plan for.

Starting with the foundation, YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy is utilizing the same trusted local soil lab partners while bringing an additional layer of information. ALCIVIA is partnering with a leading soil genomics laboratory to bring additional layers to the standard soil sample. What this means at the field level is ALCIVIA will have the ability to use the soil DNA to make proactive decisions around seed variety and placement along with fungicide planning.

YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy also steps into the area of biological activity, or lack thereof, in the soil. How is your phosphorus conversion from organic matter to available inorganic P205? YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy helps predict this and plan for a strategy for the future. The same works for other nutrients. Risk of nitrogen loss? No worries; YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy has a predictive index for this and the associated planning. What are your disease and insect levels? Some soil insects and nematodes, along with disease pathogens, can be detected to help put together a proactive approach.

Many areas we manage in a crop production calendar tend to be a reaction to something discovered in the crop while it grows. YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy creates a proactive approach so that manageable problems can be solved through better agronomy. ALCIVIA is looking ahead and is excited to add even more cutting-edge solutions to our YieldEDGE program soon. Please reach out to your ALCIVIA agronomist to discuss how we can help you become ALL. TOGETHER. PROACTIVE. with your operation.