ALCIVIA is investing in a John Deere lease program that will replace one-third of our agronomy applicator machines each year with new machines. The team at ALCIVIA is extremely excited for our machines to be consistent, making it easier for our operators to change machines and flex throughout the territory. This new program will enhance ALCIVIA’s existing capabilities and will drive efficiency and greater profitability for our members and customers.

This year, ALCIVIA is adding 24 new machines to the agronomy fleet. Our objective is to be on a three-year rotation so one-third of the machines will be new every year and will be replaced every three years. The machines are backed by John Deere’s robust warranty, and we are looking forward to less downtime, fewer breakdowns, and easier and more cost-efficient troubleshooting. Additionally, the common parts needed to fix the machines will be uniform and on-hand for quicker repairs. With the wide range of machines in ALCIVIA’s current fleet, efficiency and cost of repairs has looked much different in the past.

With the ever-evolving and fast-paced world of technology, ALCIVIA is excited to align with our mission of delivering innovative solutions to our members. The opportunity to cycle machines faster will allow us to offer the most up-to-date technology available. This is equally exciting for current and future ALCIVIA custom application operators, knowing that they will be able to get into newer machines with the highest efficiencies and latest technologies.

The ALCIVIA team is excited for this program to kick off this spring so we can continue to provide innovative and responsible solutions to our members and customers. Keep your eye out for these new machines across the ALCIVIA footprint!