Your information technology team at ALCIVIA continues to work on the unification of the legacy Countryside and Landmark networks, software and communications platforms.

One of our highest priorities is the migration of @countrysidecoop.com and @landmark.coop email addresses to @ALCIVIA.com.  As you’ll notice, the ALICIVA team and our website are still using legacy email addresses from both Countryside Cooperative and Landmark Services Cooperative.  We’re currently working through the transition to the new ALCIVIA.com domain name.   Once complete, the ALCIVIA team and our general contact email addresses will be changed to reflect our new name.  

During this transition we’re focusing on an approach that provides continuity in ongoing communication with our members, customers, partners and vendors.  All legacy email addresses will continue to work and will forward to our new email addresses.  This approach will allow us to communicate the transition and ensure that email communications are not lost.  The legacy email addresses will eventually be decommissioned after a successful transition period.

Please look for communications in the near future as we start to engage in this transition.