Crop nutrition and soil health

Our agronomists take soil health and fertility very seriously. Before your seed is in the ground, your ALCIVIA agronomist ensures the seed has an optimal growing environment. Soil health isn’t just about the macronutrients, but also the micronutrients.

With regular soil sampling, your ALCIVIA agronomist can identify any changes to the soil’s composition that affect growth, then work with you to develop a plan to maximize your ROI.

We offer a full line of fertilizer, custom application, and plant nutrition products including:

  • MicroEssentials® crop nutrition: MicroEssentials® utilizes Fusion® technology to create a more efficient phosphorus source and homogenous granule that contains two forms of sulfur
  • Wolf Trax DDP® Nutrients: Wolf Trax™ Innovative Nutrients are multiple micro nutrient products designed to coat the entire dry fertilizer blend offering superior coverage of the needed nutrients for your crop nutrition needs
  • We offer a wide range of foliar micro nutrients
  • ATS – Ammonium Thiosulfate: ATS is an economical, effective way to increase your nitrogen use efficiency, resulting in more available N for high-yielding crops
  • Pelletized Gypsum (CalSul): a product to supply calcium and a very efficient and stable source of sulfur to help your crop through the growing cycle


  • Trace minerals
  • Micronutrients
  • Biologicals
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