The alcivia line of adjuvants

A new lineup you’ll love – introducing the ALCIVIA PROVANT™ products. For more information, reach out to your local ALCIVIA agronomist. 

    Improves the ability of the spray droplet to enter the plant and maximizes pesticide performance. Designed for custom application.

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    All-in-one adjuvant possessing cutting-edge features and an unparalleled low use rate. Ensures on-target application. Designed for grower application.

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    Drift and deposition aid. Designed to suppress off-target drift of spray application.

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    Highly concentrated blend of emulsifiers and paraffin oil. Increases contact activity and penetration of the spray. Uniform coverage on leaf surfaces at half the use rate.

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    High-quality concentration of emulsifiers and methylated seed oil. Flexible across a broad range of herbicides. Low use rate.

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Our Agronomists' Focus

Once your farm plan is complete, and your seed is in the ground, your agronomist’s focus shifts to crop health. With our diverse crops and soils, you need a partner who is on top of the latest developments in crop protection. Using satellite imaging technology and in-field crop scouting, your agronomist identifies potential issues and deploys solutions before they become real problems. Whether it’s new chemistries, branded products versus generics, or new agronomic threats, we have the knowledge to deliver what’s needed for your fields.

During the 2022 crop year, ALCIVIA may be applying pesticides (herbicides/fungicides/insecticides) to your crops, which may also include applications of impregnated crop nutrients to your fields.

Enclosed is information you should have readily available until the pesticide application(s) is completed for you.

Healthy crops growing in a field after being sprayed with crop protection solutions
Yellow crop dusting plane spreading Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, and Crop Protection Products

Weed and Pest Management Plan

We work with you to customize a cost-effective weed and pest management plan to keep your crops healthy for harvest, and help identify the best product to suit your needs from our full line of top-branded herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, adjuvants, and inoculants.

Crop Protection Products

Tractor and sprayer spreading Crop Protection and Pest Management solution on a field of beans

You won’t find a broader source of products and knowledge across greater Wisconsin and Northern Illinois and our applicators are certified by the state and have received Dicamba certification training.

We work with all the primary manufacturers of crop protection herbicides to provide a large selection of products, including generics.