Developing a plan for you

Using only the best genetics, and the industry-leading technology platforms of R7® and Climate FieldView®, ALCIVIA’s agronomists and precision ag experts are committed to maximizing your investment.

Seed Selection

Both R7 and FieldView offer advanced variable-rate seeding and nitrogen zone creation and editing, as well as aerial plant health imagery to help you make decisions about which varieties are best suited to your soil types.

seed bins being used to seed a field during the planting season

Managing and Monitoring the Plan

heatmap of a field after seed testing solutions have evaluated yield production

The WinField United R7 Tool optimizes every acre on your farm with historical information, maps, and imagery, and helps you make more profitable in-season decisions with yield data.

Our Agronomy Team

Since no two operations are alike, our agronomists work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that’s tailored to your growing conditions and production goals. Our agronomists and YieldEDGE staff are here to guide you through the entire process.

By partnering with top brands like Asgrow®, Brevant™, CROPLAN®, DEKALB®, and Stine®, we’re able to provide the right trait on every acre. Quality seed treatment solutions provide ideal cultivation for your crop.

seed solutions growing new Beans plants in front of a sunset

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