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Field scouting is a vital part of growing a successful crop. ALCIVIA now offers a complete, full-service crop scouting service during the growing season. We employ traditional in-field scouting enhanced with digital tools to provide a complete look at your crop. Reach out to your local ALCIVIA agronomist for more details today.


Soil Sampling

We use FieldAlytics Explorer to map precise locations to take soil samples, this increases the speed and accuracy of the soil sampling process. By utilizing soil sampling, we can identify the best approach for fertilizing effectively and efficiently. This aids in determining variable rate fertility prescriptions, as well as creating zones for multiple other analyses. It makes file management easy and accurate; allowing data from mapping and sampling devices to synchronize to FieldAlytics wirelessly from the field. We typically recommend soil testing in the fall after combining, but spring can also be an option.

Tissue Sampling

When plants lack essential elements, they can’t perform up to their genetic potential. Tissue sampling helps us identify hidden deficiencies before they cause problems. Minor deficiencies are difficult to see, and sampling allows us to fine tune macro and micro fertilizer needs before they affect yield. It also helps us identify problems with the current crop and fine tune fertilizer prescriptions for the next crop year.

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Variable Rate Tech

Build better nutrient management plans to understand nutrient availability, optimize fertilizer application methods, and limit the risk of deficiencies in-season.

  • Fertilizer Rx
    Leverage data during the winter planning months to create variable rate seeding and fertilizer prescriptions.
  • Planting Rx
    Capture even greater yields by focusing on the highest-producing areas of a field.

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