Our YieldEDGE programs utilize precision ag technology to revolutionize the farming experience. Precision agriculture technology employs a combination of sensors, GPS, drones, and data analytics to optimize crop production. By precisely monitoring variables like soil moisture and nutrient levels, farmers can make informed decisions about planting, irrigation, fertilization and pest control. This targeted approach minimizes resource wastage, reduces enviromental impact, and maximizes yield. Explore what YieldEDGE has to offer by clicking on the programs below for more information.

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YieldEDGE Advanced Agronomy takes your 2.5-acre grid soil sample to another level. It includes additional samples that give you a wide range of information about the soil including but not limited to insects, nematodes, diseases, biological activity, nutrient holding capacities, nutrient availability, and recommendations on if you should use liberating agents. 

Seed Solutions

Provides a comprehensive analysis of your soil that guides recommendations for seed selection, treatment, and traits depending upon pathogen abundance and chemistry.

Advanced Phosphorus Solutions

Provides soil diagnostics to help optimize soil biology performance and phosphorus use efficiency. It assists in identifying areas for potential biofertilizer or phosphorus-liberating agent application, guiding decisions on soil phosphorus levels and input allocation.

Advanced Nitrogen Solutions

Provides soil diagnostics for optimal nitrogen management decisions, enhancing soil biology performance and nitrogen use efficiency. It aids in pinpointing areas for nitrogen stabilizer or biofertilizer application using unique nitrogen biological indicators.

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YieldEDGE Sentinel provides you with a new level of understanding about what is happening in every acre and every field. We do the scouting for you, helping you cover more ground at greater speed and unlock more opportunities, without having to walk a single row.  

Remote Monitoring

YieldEDGE Sentinel delivers millions of high-resolution, leaf-level images that allow you to see the big picture of how you can improve your operation anytime, anywhere.  

Resource Allocation

If you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage in today’s market, the dollars are in the details. Get more out of every seed you plant with the precision insights that allow you to see which adjustments you can make to get the most out of your acres. 

Flight Timing 

Accurate and precise crop monitoring throughout the season gives you the information you need for analysis and proactive planning. Six (6) flights at key times* throughout the season allows you to know where intervention may be needed before a yield-robbing issue occurs. * Timing between flights is estimated.

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YieldEDGE Variable Rate Tech helps build better nutrient management plans to understand nutrient availability, optimize fertilizer application methods, and limit the risk of deficiencies in-season.

Fertilizer Rx

Leverage data during the winter planning months to create variable rate seeding and fertilizer prescriptions.

Planting Rx

Capture even greater yields by focusing on the highest-producing areas of a field.

YieldEDGE Core grid sampling includes VRT phosphorus, potassium, and lime recommendations. Samples are tested for pH, buffer pH, organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, CEC, base saturation, boron, zinc, sulfur, manganese, copper, iron, and soluble salts. Deliverables include a results booklet with the field boundary map, contoured color boundary map, contoured color nutrient maps for soil pH, BpH, P, K, OM, CEC, and fertility recommendation sheets. Contoured nutriet maps available for micronutrients upon request.

Soil Sampling

We use FieldAlytics Explorer to map precise locations to take soil samples, which increases the speed and accuracy of the soil sampling process. By utilizing soil sampling, we can identify the best approach for fertilizing effectively and efficiently. This aids in determining variable rate fertility prescriptions, as well as creating zones for multiple other analyses. It makes file management easy and accurate; allowing data from mapping and sampling devices to synchronize to FieldAlytics wirelessly from the field. We recommend soil testing in the fall after combing, but spring testing is also a viable option.

Tissue Sampling

When plants lack essential elements, they can’t perform up to their genetic potential. Tissue sampling helps us identify hidden deficiencies before they cause problems. Minor deficiencies are difficult to see, and sampling allows us to fine tune macro and micro fertilizer needs before they affect yield. It also helps to identify problems with the current crop and fine tune fertilizer prescriptions for the next crop year.

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