ALCIVIA is dedicated to a ‘Safety First’ culture across our entire organization. The safety of our members, customers, and employees is our top priority. We’ve implemented rigorous safety policies and practices at all our locations, curtailing workplace injuries and at-risk behavior, including mandatory personal protective equipment including eyewear, hard hats, safety boots and high visibility apparel in all operational areas.

On Farm Safety

Our members and customers can commit to safety and implement their own safety policies and practices. The following are a few key highlights that could help protect you, a family member, or employees:

  • Replace all missing power take-off and rotating equipment shields. Shut off power to equipment before leaving the operator’s station.
  • Check that lights, flashers and reflectors on machines work properly. Always use them when traveling on roadways.
  • Replace “slow moving vehicle” emblems that aren’t clean and bright.
  • Inspect and repair farm machinery before the busy season. A well-maintained machine will operate more efficiently and reduce the chance of an injury.
  • Use proper equipment and procedures when hitching and unhitching implements.
  • Never enter a manure pit, grain bin or silo without following confined space entry procedures. The gases and materials in these structures kill farmers every year.
  • Ensure that all workers receive specific instructions on their tasks and the machines they are operating. Be sure they read and understand all operational procedures in the owner’s manual.
  • Take time to learn basic first aid, CPR and emergency response.