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Farm Operating Loans

We offer fixed and variable interest rates for agricultural loan programs with a variety of payment plans.

Available to cooperative members and the community, Verity’s operating loans are short-term loans, convenient for bridging the cash flow gap in cyclical businesses.

Comprehensive crop operating loans can be used to cover fertilizer, crop protection, seed, delivery and application charges, soil testing, labor, and more.

Specialty Agricultural Programs

Term Loans​

In addition to our traditional operating loans and specialty programs, Verity offers 3-7 year secured term loans. Term loans are available to members and non-members alike, with favorable interest rates that can be used for a wide variety of financial needs.

Real Estate Loans

Verity offers adjustable rate real estate loans with a 5-30 year term.

Red sided barn in foreground on well cut grass with a silo and blue skies inthe distance

Available to cooperative members, Verity offers niche specialty loans for agronomy customers who purchase their crop inputs from ALCIVIA.

Download our new 2023 Verity financing programs available to ALCIVIA members.

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