Much of Wisconsin, northern Illinois, and eastern Minnesota have experienced drier than normal starts to the growing season. As we all look and hope for the timely rains over the balance of the season, there are bound to be doubts as to what to invest into the crop. As we approach the reproductive stage of both corn and soybeans, we must stay vigilant in winning. No one wants to play the game to lose, and as we approach the next critical stages in plant development, we need to be mindful of that. Some crops have been put under significant stress and are already fighting the fight, so what can we do to help?

Fungicides, insecticides, micronutrients, and biostimulants may seem far-fetched this season, but all can bring value as the crop finishes. There is still potential to grow a strong crop, but we need to make sure to do all we can to help manage plant stress. In a weakened state, the plant will not be able to fight off disease as it could in perfect weather conditions. Don’t count on the dry weather keeping the disease out of your neighborhood. It doesn’t take much time for bugs or disease to change the future of the crop, so let’s protect what is currently there.

When it comes to micronutrients and biostimulants, pollination and ear fill is a critical time to utilize them. The plant needs micronutrients this time of year to truly help with pollination and ear fill.  Look to a product like PROVANT® Pulse for a well-balanced package of the needed nutrients. The biostimulant space is filled with many products to choose from, but make sure to stay focused on what has dependable data along with a product that is built for the timeframe of reproduction. YieldOn is a biostimulant that increases row crops’ productivity in cell metabolism, division, and expansion, all while improving the transport of sugars and nutrients. All these items are critically important during the reproductive phase as the plant focuses on pollination and grain fill.

Please reach out to your ALCIVIA agronomist for information on how to best pair these

products together to help win the game at the end of the season.