Introducing ALCIVIA Roundtable, a series covering logistics, market access, and market fundamentals, with the end goal of helping our members make informed decisions for their operations. This week, merchandisers Aly Pascuzzi and Dylan Beaver discuss the role that merchandising plays for ALCIVIA and its members.

Next week, we will discuss inverse and carry markets. Thanks for joining this week’s episode of ALCIVIA Roundtable!

Welcome to ALCIVIA Round Table, I’m Ali Pascuzzi the feed merchandiser here at ALCIVIA, and I’m Dylan Beaver grain merchandiser here at ALCIVA.

As a grain merchandiser I’m responsible for finding different markets for our producers and giving them the best opportunities to market their grain, whether that’s running a truck deck that we have here at ALCIVIA, or trading grain out of our shuttle loaders or short line loaders. Whether that market is on the up-rail line or the CP rail line or on the wsr short line.

As feed merchandiser here at ALCIVIA I work on preparing bulk products for our feed mills and then also working on our direct ship program for our bulk ingredients to our Farmers. We’re bringing value to more than just the co-op itself, it connects back to the members and it also it connects back to our suppliers and our end users of our product.

The value that the merchandising team brings ALCIVIA is finding the best opportunity for our producers as well as the co-op. On top of that we are protecting risk for our producers’ operations and the cooperative.

In this series expect to hear more about logistics, market access, and market fundamentals. Join me next week where we’ll talk about inverted and carry markets.

Thanks all see you next week!